Re: [LAD] [LAU] mudita24 1.02 -- improved envy24control mixer/router for ice1712-based sound-cards

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Date: Friday, August 13, 2010 - 12:10 am

Humming along here, Niels I got your request done, click on a scale and
the corresponding slider gets the focus.
Much code cleanup, rewrites, removed my 2.14 dependencies.
Found some code, before we came along, which had those deps as well.
Specifically the GTKAdjustment->value property is new since 2.4
so I changed all of lines, and mine as well.
It means envy24control couldn't possibly have compiled with gtk 1.x could it?
I feel a bit better about us doing these 2.x things now.

About the slider fractional values problem:
I discovered the magic bullet I was looking for:
The GtkRange::round_digits member !
I set it to zero for all the sliders and presto ! Now the sliders output
only integer values. There's no in-between fractional stops now.
This means the sliders now 'quantize', or 'snap', to each integer value.
That's with mouse, mouse wheel, or KB.
Man, if I had only known this before...
I can't find much info on how old that member is but it seems to date back
to at least 2005. It's a 'protected' member and not well doc'd.

On August 11, 2010 03:26:19 pm you wrote:

Yes I saw that comment and code in there. I was going to post
"Ah yes, manipulate the drawing, not the widget height".
That means, as you say, maybe stretching the bottom or top end
or something. It's a tough problem to solve.

> Since you have control over the label-positions, you could probably

I knew those labels were there but their significance became
clearer with these discussions. It means it is possible to add meters, right?

> Or

Panpot would be great, as long as users can get the identical results
they can get now with two sliders. By that I mean some panpot
schemes reduce both levels at mid-position but increase
them as pan is increased. Pan control would need decent resolution,
let's not skimp, like some crappy pan controls. I guess even with that,
all scenarios are accounted for by the user adjusting the level,
so yes, pan = good. So, uh, would we go with pan knob, or slider?



Turns out the routing doesn't seem to enter into this at all.
Routing is like the very last part of the chip which just says where
each final hardware output comes from.
I guess this is one reason you are able to provide dB labels on the
ADC/DAC page without regard to routing.
And one reason why meters might be welcome on that page.

> > It just seems like something is missing, like it really could use

And then what Geoff B. requested: Support for showing multiple cards
at once.


You're going over my head there. I'll have to think about all that, he he...

Never really coded gtk before, and I'm mostly a c++ person.
But gtk+ is proving to be fun and easy.

OK, capping off my responses here, let me tell you I dug out my
MAudio Delta1010LT paper manual. It has been a long time.
There were some surprises, especially with the Windows envy mixer:

1) The meters have markings on them from 0 to -48dB,
so you've done OK there, but the sliders beside them
go down to -144dB, even though they are the same length
as the meters ! A readout above the sliders shows the level.
Here, the meter markings obviously are not to be used as a
scale for the sliders. So mudita24 is ahead, so far, because
at least we will attempt to align the meters with the slider scales.
But we sure won't be able to go all the way to -144dB on the sliders.
It would look bad with meters only 1/3 the height of the sliders.
However if we add a user option for minimum slider value, we can
cover all users' needs if they wish to have it that way.

2) *All* meters have three zones: green(-48dB to -12dB)
yellow(-12 to -3) and red (-3 to 0).
They go into detail about each zone, like when recording
it is best to stay in the yellow zone, and avoid being in the red zone
for too long etc. Niels we really need those zones back !
I would like to take a stab at it. Should be real easy.
But I would like to stay with your nice cool 'blue' theme.
So how about blue-yellow-red, or whatever the peak line
colours are. Or how about blue, lighter-blue, and white ?
I will try to make it easily disabled with a define so we can
argue about it later.

3) Beside the stereo master meters, there are stereo master volume
sliders ! And a *single* mute, and a gang button.
No such controls in ALSA ! Seem odd? No master levels?
Must check datasheet. Is the Windows envy mixer doing a
trick, like secretly adjusting all the other levels at once?

4) The analog volumes are located on the HW settings page,
tucked away, and without any readouts or markings as to
what the heck level you're adjusting to. Mudita24 is way ahead.

5) The mixer has solo buttons. You're right on the ball there.

6) Each strip has only one slider and a pan. Right on again.

7) "The peak meters indicate the incoming pre-fader levels
of the incoming audio..." Guess that's one against me...

Whew. Well, back to some more coding. Later... Tim.


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