Re: [LAD] [LAU] mudita24 1.02 -- improved envy24control mixer/router for ice1712-based sound-cards

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Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 5:57 am

On August 9, 2010 08:53:21 pm Tim E. Real wrote:

Sorry. That's not entirely true.
We know the page and step increments beforehand.
What was I thinking? I was trying to unify and simplify the new handlers.

So I will try to remove that dependency, at least.
But I still think a program separate from envy24control
just might be necessary.

P.S. I studied the chip metering and code in detail.
Now I understand what you said about it.
Nice work on the scale conversion and display, Niels.
I will try to align them with the slider scales better, by
shrinking them a bit.

Had some thoughts about the meters.
Take the inputs as an example:
The meters currently show pre-fader levels.
I find that a bit odd. ie Adjusting the slider doesn't actually
change the meter level.
So by multiplying (er, subtracting?) the meter value by
the slider attenuation value, we can have post-fader meter display.
Sound good?
Now, of course we need pre-fader display as well
(we still need to know the unadjusted pre-fader level coming in)
So I thought, either we have a pre/post fader toggle switch,
or more interesting, we add meters to the DAC and ADC
analog volume sections! But IIRC the routing has to be accounted
for in that situation, or something like that.
It's late. I'll remember tomorrow. Just toying with ideas.

Probably the pre/post fader toggle switch is the best idea.


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