Re: [LAD] Help, someone interested in taking over a small orphaned jack-module

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Date: Friday, June 4, 2010 - 5:24 pm

Sorry, for the late reply, I wasn't home.
So the problem is, that it doesn't really work. And I can't find the source
of that. I don't know about rules for buffering and how much to read or write,
especially, since the audio must interface with a different system. Realtime
is not reallythe problem. Of course too much latency is a hinderance, but
beyond that, a rather steady stream of speech is enough.
So because I don't know, how to write a proper JACK application, let alone
the pitfalls in that, I wanted to ask, if an experienced programmer would be
so kind as to take a look at the code, to see, if a pitfall or partly
deprecated code or practise of coding could be spotted.
As I mentioned, the original programmer has given up his work, due to work
and maybe other projects. I'm afraid JACK isn't the most popular interface.
I've heard, that some people got it working, but they can't reallyremember
what exactly they did to do so. If it's a question of configuration, then it
must be one of a VERY special setup (including JACK startup options and other
things, you would usually consider, with a reasonably stardard setup).
Sunny regards (yes, it's showing and shining)

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