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To: Robin Gareus <robin@...>
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Date: Monday, June 14, 2010 - 8:05 pm

>On Mon, June 14, 2010 7:40 am, Robin Gareus wrote:

who could benefit from it and likely have more expertise in that area.
all or some bugs from lots of trackers, but I'm not sure it's close to
what is needed here.
don't know if it can be useful for improving interoperability and
inter-project problems; but it could be a start.

It makes sense to me to integrate the functionality it provides as another
option. The trick is to figure out how to best integrate it...

>> My idea for the near future was to simply use an existing wiki,
possibly on (mainly because of the domain name). In the
simplest form I believe, tags could be used for applications (to find
all issues involving the specific app), pages for the issues and page
subscriptions for notification.

stepped forward and provided a better template yet. FWIW you can switch
the look&feel at
not yet XHTML clean and requires javascript.

It's true that you can find it but how many people actually do find it?
IMO brining this info out to the forefront should be a prerequisite for
the tracker page. In fact it would be useful to add these links to the
planet-bugs page so they have additional SEO for people coming to the site
from an engine.


backlinks in the 'bug' namespace" feature.)
the workflow. There's also the possibility to have a small form that
will create a new wiki-page according to a template using

I think this is a prerequisite for any form of wider adoption. Just
looking at the method described herein is enough to scare most people ;-)
I will be happy to assist with the form once we have defined and tested
the basic system if this turns out to be the preferred way to handling the
meta tracker.

> Then we'll "only" need to make developers of said application aware of
the bug-reports:

Both options should be provided but the most likely to be useful will be
email notifications and automatically adding the bug to the applications
existing tracker.

> or it can be one of us, playing man-in-the-middle forwarding these bug

Who's gonna pay for that persons time?

> A nice feature would be subscribe to 'pages with tag XXX'; that is not
yet possible; but I can whip up a plugin for that if once need it.

possible solutions but not actually a use-case list of "what we want".

I think it is being clarified now.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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