Re: [LAD] envy24control, resp. it's successor

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Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 1:18 am

(Repost, I replied to our MusE list!)

On December 14, 2010 06:47:31 am David Santamauro wrote:

I apologize, haven't had any time to complete the work.
I did quietly commit once more later on I think (I hope?), un-announced.
Its current state is my current state, there's nothing new to add right now.

I was so worried that changing from hard-coded slider min/max
and scale markings, to values obtained from asking ALSA, was the
right thing to do. I felt it was, to support different, unknown, perhaps
yet-to-be-sold cards.

We had good discussions on the list about the issues and where
it could go from here. Everyone contributed good points and
a good understanding of its shortcomings and issues.

Neils pointed out there's still some things to take care before we move on
like some spacing issues, and of course we must deal with the
meters, db markings, and slider height lining up correctly.

Fons pointed out his card gives him an extra button below the first slider,
for adjustable hardware input level, which kind of ruined the uniform look
of the sliders.

It works fine as is I think, but yeah, must continue with work on it.

> >

Oh, is the gang not working? It was last I checked.
Oh wait, maybe I see what you mean, replace the two sliders with only one,
when gang is on?
We talked about replacing this with a pan knob or slider, like the
Windows version.

So many good ideas came out, a good vision of what it could be,
but it takes time to implement them.



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