[LAD] Beta testers required for jretune

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From: <fons@...>
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Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010 - 11:41 pm

Hello all,

Jretune is a Jack client inspired by the 'autotalent'
plugin (re)discovered and discussed some time ago on
the LA lists.

It uses the same algorithm (autocorrelation) for pitch
detection, but there the similarity ends. All the code
is entirely new.

Its purpose is to process solo voice recordings
to ensure they have correct pitch. It can't do
miracles but it helps in some cases. Don't expect
it to work on a mix.

Main differences are:

- Jretune is a Jack client and not a plugin.

- A *much* cleaner output due to a better resampling
and cycle jumping algorithm.

- A very simple GUI, just 12 switches that allow to
disable notes, and a 'nostalgic' analog tuning meter.
The latter means you could probably use it as a guitar
tuner as well, but don't expect miracles.

Later versions will include a 'tuning' control to
define the set of expected pitches, and maybe some
other controls.

This version is very much a beta one, released only
to invite feedback from users. Once it has stabilised
a bit it should be easy to tranform it into e.g. an
LV2 plugin for those that want this, as the complete
DSP code is contained in a single C++ class.
Please don't do this now as the code is very immature.
For the same reason it's available on request only,
and I would expect packagers to ignore this version.

If you want to test this just drop me a line to get
the sources.


O tu, che porte, correndo si ?
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