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Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 - 7:23 pm

For what its worth...
I received this from AJ at Beat Kangz. Could have just been an honest
mistake really. I still have mixed emotions.


*Hey Guys*
*I have personaly contacted the creators of the LADSP plug ins we used
and let them know our plans etc. In a rush to get the product out the
door we forgot to include those credits. Which is now corrected on
everyone that goes out the door. If you notice we didnt include the
manual either lol. We are finishing that today and will be posting it as
well as emailing it to all our customers so far. It will also include
the list of credits. We regret not having it in the initial release and
we have corrected that. in addition we will send them free copies etc.*
*"That would be pretty awesome if they decided to open development"*

This is exactly why we chose to go with LADSPA instead of VST. We want
to shine a big spotlight on that dev community and also Donate funds to
further help them create cool plug ins. We would even love to create a
dedicated page on our site where they can sell or give away their
creations and benefit from our marketing efforts. The more plugins the
better for all of us!

We are also now looking for talented programmers to write cool synths we
can use too...... If you guys know who can do that, send them my way.

We appreciate your biz Michael and hope you enjoy the product.

Ronald I also appreciate your call today and hope we can find ways to
work on projects together in the future. Give me some time to get this
Thang off the ground and by 2010 i may be able get you those angels you
are looking for.

Peace and Respect

Prez of tha kangz

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