Re: [LAD] GPL Violation Alert! - I talked with the President of Beat Kangz Today

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Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 9:39 pm

Good point(s). I can only assume that they were assuming that Mac users
don't know what LADSPA is and that the Mac users wouldn't pay much
attention to the new LADSPA folder that appears on the system. To many
assumptions there. I have mixed emotions about this.

Whatever the case may be, I'm glad that I could make you guys aware of
what is happening. And if it leads to a lost friendship with the guy I
know at Beat Kangz, then oh-well. I don't support theft of any kind.
If they really wanted to use LADSPA in a legit manner. Couldn't they
create a separate installer package that includes all of the plugins'
original code, makefiles, licenses and what not and have it just install
a LADSPA plugin set for their program and others to use? I guess in a
way, separate the LADSPA stuff from their app and then just utilize the
plugins like a normal application would. Ardour packages LADSPA plugins
with the Mac OSX with no problems. But then again some of the Ardour
developers are the LADSPA developers. Who knows, maybe that is where
they got the idea from. I think one of the Beat Kangz guys is a
professor(if you want to call it that) at SAE in Nashville (don't quote
me on that).

Perhaps that would be to much work for them. One thing is for sure,
they are using open source gpl software. I can't remember what, but the
stdout I got from terminal reported that the Beat Thang was linking to
something I had installed via macports. I think it was freetype or
something like that. Whatever it is, it is included with MacOSX itself,
because it wasn't included with their installer. I have my system check
the macports LIB path before the OSX LIB path. But, say you are using
the Beat Thang on Windows, then they would probably have to include
whatever open source package they are using since windows doesn't
include anything like that with it.

I kind of want to install this thing on Windows and see what pops up.
Its a crying shame that I don't use windows. Snaps!


alex stone wrote:

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