Re: [LAD] GPL Violation Alert! - I talked with the President of Beat Kangz Today

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Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 7:58 pm


Good. I wasn't really trying to get Beat Kangz in trouble or anything
like that. More than anything I was just disappointed to see that these
LADSPA plugins were being distributed with their software with not a
single mention of credit to the actual developers. As a computer
programmer myself I understand the work involved in creating code. The
way I found out about this was me running the program from terminal and
with the mac Console open to submit some bug reports to them. That
reminds me, I still need to do that.

I actually know one of the staff members at beat kangz, so I really am
not interested in causing trouble. Credit due, where credit deserved is
all. And I figured the LADSPA developers should be aware of what was
going on. I suppose it's not really that big of a deal, because say I
had those plugins already installed on my system, then the Beat Kangz
software would only be searching for and loading them. My problem was
that their installer included them, which would be distribution of GPL'd

That would be pretty awesome if they decided to open development.
Really, it would only make their products much stronger. If their using
LADSPA plugins, I can only assume that development is taking place in a
Linux/*nix type environment as they are obviously familiar with Linux
Audio stuff. Wouldn't surprise me if the actual hardware "box" is
running an embedded linux of some sort.

On the lighter side... The Virtual Beat Thang is in my opinion pretty
nice. A few bugs here and there (the thing just came out), but really
not a bad peace of work. Great drum sounds. I have it working with
jack-osx which makes it even more powerful. Might as well just make it
natively support jack in my opinion.


Ronald Stewart wrote:

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