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Date: Saturday, August 1, 2009 - 5:28 pm

On Saturday 01 August 2009 11:32:24 nescivi wrote:

This was not the point though. Just pointing out that a user/developer
could inadvertently start distributing packages that do violate. As far
as I am concerned, a little bit more diligence should be directed to these
kinds of issues before distribution takes place. In the Impro-Visor 4
source package I distribute (on Improvisor at SF) I have fixed this so that
it won't happen.

On another related point. I am still wondering what is up with the copyright
changes that took place between version 2.04 and 3.39. I have the 2.04
source and I see that there are a number of people who have copyrights
indicated in the GPL headers for that. Then when you look at the 3.39
headers it only says that the copyrights belong to Keller and his educational
institution. What is the situation with that?

Either everybody transferred their copyrights to him and the institution or
this is another set of violations (one for each person who had their
respective copyright removed/changed). Personally, I would like see
everybody who did work on that have their proper copyrights indicated.
Some clarification would be helpful.


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