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Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - 1:53 am


I am a liar because I banned you from my group?

I refuse to continue this ridiculous exchange. I am going to be
ignoring your emails from now on.

I am pretty sure most of the others are tired of hearing from you as
well. But it is clear that you are never going to stop.

Anyone who cares to examine the facts can see how transparent this
situation is.

I have taken down all of the version 3.39 from my Yahoo! group, so
there can't be any further accusation of violation regarding that.
These are the same files that you took and posted on your sourceForge
for distribution. So if there was any violation there, there is one on
your site as well. Simply adding a GPL text file doesn't change that.
Anyone that cares to take a look can see what you have done. But I
doubt that anyone cares.

Also the thumbs up review message you posted on your site says this:
"This projects hosts the Impro-Visor application and code." That is a
misrepresentation. You already said your project was named
"improvisor", not Impro-Visor, the name of my project for four years.

In summary, I have tried my best to comply with all the GPL items.
Each time you try to come up with something else that I am supposed to
do. But I think you have run out now. If you have anything further,
report it to the FSF.

Robert Keller
Csilla & Walt Foley Professor
Computer Science
Harvey Mudd College

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