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Date: Monday, December 21, 2009 - 3:43 pm

Hello list,

I recently wrote a sequencer for multi-touch/collaborative music
composition as part of my thesis. I currently set the PPQ to 128 which
ought be enough for demonstration purposes and early testing. Now, I am
wondering how to support higher PPQN efficiently. Some of you guys might
have an experience in doing that; I've seen that renoise supports up to
4096 PPQN and DigitalPerformer uses some kind of variable clocking. Have
you heard or implemented of techniques that are smarter than just
cranking up the _fixed_ clock resolution? As timestamps I currently use
64bit ints, I guess I could encode the timing as (tick, +subdivisions)
and poll the timing for the next event(s) and set the clock accordingly.
Would that be worth it? Any general opinions about the max PPQN?

so long...
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