[LAD] LinuxSampler 1.0.0 released for Linux, Windows, OS X

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To: The Linux Audio Developers' Mailing List <linux-audio-dev@...>
Date: Saturday, October 17, 2009 - 12:46 pm

Hi all,
the LinuxSampler team is proud to announce LinuxSampler 1.0.0, with
many new features and modules, device drivers and plugin architectures
supported. Available for Linux, Windows and OS X.
See Christian's announcement below:

get it from the usual place:

support forum:

if you wish to support the project financially with your donations and
monthly subscriptions a big thanks in advance on behalf of the
LinuxSampler development team.

see here how to donate:

Feel free to forward this mail to linux-audio-user (I'm not
subscribed), other linux audio related sites or general audio

Open Octave and LinuxSampler technical overview videos:


Original announcement message:

Just to make it official, a new release wave has appeared a (long) while ago:

* linuxsampler 1.0.0
* Fantasia 0.9
* qsampler 0.2.2
* gigedit 0.2.0
* libgig 3.3.0
* jlscp 0.8
* liblscp 0.5.6

Summary of changes:

This is the first release which allows the sampler to be used
as audio host
plugin, namely supporting the standards VST, AU, DSSI and LV2.
The sampler's
limits for max. voices & disk streams can now be altered at runtime by
frontends, no need to recompile the sampler anymore. The Mac
version now also
supports CoreAudio as audio driver. The Windows version finally
supports the
sampler's instruments DB feature as well, however expect it still to be
unstable at this point. Along to the already existing JACK
audio driver, Jack
MIDI support has been added in this release. The sampler allows
frontends now
basic MIDI control, that is to monitor incoming MIDI data on MIDI input
devices and sampler channels and to send note-on and note-off
MIDI events to
sampler channels, which allows frontends to provide a virtual
MIDI keyboard
to the user. Besides these major changes there were countless
bugfixes and

Many of you probably saw that most of the files already appeared more than 2
months ago on the webserver. Reason for this late announcement is that some
binaries took quite some additional time. So we wanted to wait until all
binaries of this new release were ready as well, which is now finally the

Of course you get everything from the usual place:

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