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Date: Friday, August 11, 2006 - 3:58 pm

Well, the very fact that there is a spec which is to be promoted and
encouraged in order to foster wider adoption sounds like a "project" to me.
Wouldn't it be nice if this spec actually was adopted by commercial
companies as well (you personally may or may not care about this, but I
would bet hat a good number of others may, and the consortium certainly

This is as far as the "business" aspect goes. The consortium is not here to
police individual projects or to tell them what to do or not do. Rather, the
consortium's mission is to encourage their growth, mutual cooperation, and
ultimately consolidation of linux audio resources to ultimately make audio
on linux "just work(tm?)." And if this is what most of us believe in, then
having LV2 a part of the consortium is certainly a good idea.


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