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Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 - 1:09 am

Greetings all,

Please pardon me for reopening an issue that may have been already
addressed, especially considering that for all intents and purposes I may
have appeared to have been very inactive on these lists lately. FWIW, I have
been lurking around, but amidst moving and starting a new job, time has been
truly a precious commodity. But I digress...

It appears to me that there were at least a few members of the LAD/LAU list
who have expressed interest in having LAD site somehow integrated in the
Linuxaudio.org. I believe that this would be a very encouraging step towards
consolidating online LA resources into one site which would IMHO ultimately
make LA users' lives a lot easier as well as make the overall LA scene look
more professional to the outsiders/potential adopters. I see this kind of an
idea as a first step towards a much more demanding goal--integration of
other online resources, i.e. Dave's LA software page. I could see this
integration happening via a single Wiki page that would contain detailed
info/screenshots/documentation/mailing-list and other pertinent info for
every LA software available out there. Naturally, linking these lists is
also a possibility, yet the very thought of having one place with unified
appearance that would provide all the necessary info, including
documentation, application-specific mailing lists etc. seems IMHO truly

Such a project obviously bears a huge overhead. I can also see devs
objecting to the redundancy of information that may be already available on
their software's dedicated website. The solution to both problems would be
asking devs and/or their project maintainers/helpers to assist with the
generation of their software's Wiki page which should adhere to certain
predetermined standards and then also providing a link to their original
project's page. Yes, there would be some redundancy, but a vast number of
projects could greatly benefit from such a consolidation, including one of
the most important, yet often neglected aspects--proper documentation.

For this reason, I would like to use this opportunity to possibly elicit a
discussion on this matter and hopefully get the ball rolling :-).

Best wishes,


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