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Date: Wednesday, August 4, 2004 - 5:49 pm


One of the things that I came away from the meeting in Germany with was
a sense that the LASH protocol used for client<->server communication
needed to be better defined, both on the wire and in the api. What is
really necessary is a network protocol and api designed to allow
high-level ideas like sessions to be represented in a simple format.

The properties that I had been working on have become gobjects and what
was to be a new networking system is a seperate, gobject-based library
to provide a high-level networking api (eg, session_scan(),
session_join(), etc)

The TLA OSC has been banded about quite a bit, and this is not out of
the question; it would be in a set of usable lower-level protocols (or
perhaps the set :)

Bob Ham

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