[linux-audio-dev] q - asfxload/emu10k1/sblive problems

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Date: Thursday, May 27, 2004 - 11:40 pm


I'm using a Soundblaster Live! card (emu10k1 driver) under ALSA.

The 'asfxload' util works fine for loading a single soundfont.

But when trying to load different soundfonts with the '-b1' option, for
asfxload -b1 dance.sf2
I get:
asfxload: invalid option -- b
asfxload: invalid option -- 1

This conflicts with the manpage for [a]sfxload.

Also, when I send Bank Select messages from my MIDI keyboard, these get
ignored (although Bank Select LSB works when I use fluidsynth).

Any thoughts on either or both of these issues?


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