[linux-audio-dev] Some help with my BPM algorithm?

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Date: Monday, March 22, 2004 - 1:04 pm


I'm working on a simple command line driven bpm
counter for mp3 files. It's very straight-forward.
I'm trying to use a 4-beat phase shifting technique,
but for some reason my code is returning the same
exact value for each file. Obviously I have a stupid
math error, or haven't thought things through enough.
If someone wants to look at this and tell me what they
think I did wrong, I'd appreciate it :) The code is
pretty clean (just wrong) and well commented. You'll
need to have mpg123 installed for it to (not) work.
Thanks very much!

Jay Dolan
Software Engineer, Systems Analyst
Windmill Cycles, Inc.

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