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Date: Friday, July 25, 2003 - 2:15 am


I hate to write this in english because i dont know if i can explain what i

On Viernes, 25 de Julio de 2003 01:26, Thierry MARX wrote:

> Sorry to tell you that... But try to tell us your progress only on major or

Sorry .. no more posting announces, yes you rigth, maybe i confused this
mailing list with my program mailing list, and yes now i know how to do a
Makefile ... a big step for me ... but i really think that i will never do
something good ... sorry, then no more posting.

>Your product will be much more appreciated ;)

Sorry but i cant understand why ....
I made all this things with illusion, not with knowledge, and i dont want lie
to anyone. I made the the programs not for people appreciate, i made for
people use.

> If you have any question tell this mailing about help but don't take us for

No ... one month reading ... maybe reading not understanding ... about threads
.. asking here ... and not here ... about why my program eats 100% of system
user time .... and sorry i dont read your reponse ... and yes, you rigth,
there are small changes in the program, but maybe usefull if someone use
it....but you rigth again ... that's not the place to announce. Maybe will be
better speak about if New Age is satanic music ..... sorry Paul .. you know
you are my hero. :)

Sorry .... but i have a big respect for all the people here .... all of you
knows about sound, programming etc ... what i will never know.

All ...sorry again for the spam .... and thanks.


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