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Date: Thursday, July 17, 2003 - 8:36 am

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 22:21, Nasca Paul wrote:

Awesome work! I really love ZynAddSubFX!
Yet there's one small simple thing I'd like to feature-request..
Could program-change on a midi channel be recognized?
This way I can browse instruments from the sequencer or keyboard
more easily!

Oh and a little thing, from the site, and sorry for the offtopic but maybe
more ladders have experience on this point. Not being Christianism
my religion, I still do agree that is a lack of respect and discrimination
to promote music that tries to discredit a religion, yet I think some
things are not clear to me.
I can understand about metal lyrics being anti-christian, we've seen
that countless times in groups from megadeth to iron maiden,
But I have no idea why "New Age" music is considered against god, since
it has nothing to do with the "New Age" spiritual/religious movement (which
is definitely anti-christian). Nowadays people calls "New Age" music to
anything ambient, soft jazz, lounge, soundtraquesque, etc. Even people
like vangelis gets his music called "New Age" and he never intended it
to be associated with that name. As far as I know, and for historical reasons,
the idea of the term comes from the idea of ritualistic music based on
sustained voices, beats and nature elements inspired on indian tranditions
and that kind of things, but was rapidly taken by musicans to call anything
nature/ambient and out of the context of religion. Maybe the site should
specify "Anti christian ritual music"?

Well, cheers and thanks for such an awesome piece of work!

Juan Linietsky


Juan Linietsky
but musicans

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