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To: consortium <consortium@...>
Date: Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 3:47 pm

Hi *,

There's a whole lot of v-hosts below linuxaudio.org. The recent
migration of vhosts gave rise to rethink and hopefully consolidate others.

Let me first list the "good ones" and them move on to suggestions for
the cruft. Please comment on my suggestions there. If you don't, you
forfeit your right to complain later :-)

== The good ==

mostly OK - it's a drupal that could use some lovin'.

301 -> http://linuxaudio.org/resources
historical URL.

~15 regular editors and content-maintainers
>= 200 casual contributors

301 -> http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/apps/
historical URL; the wiki started as "apps"

the conference collections
could use some promotion from the www front-page.
lots of good resources - proceedings, videos from presentations etc.

feed aggregation of user-blogs
The planet features two hidden "moons" that will need announcement:

307 -> http://linuxmusicians.com/
following discussion in 2008 if LAO should host a forum
we agreed on redirecting and supporting linuxmusicians

icecast server
loop: best of LAM '08-'10 by DJCJ (P.Shirkey)
misc and temp. live-streams (e.g. LAC stream-relay)

mirror of various software, sound samples, distros and misc stuff
This is also the primary server for http://lilypond.org/

mailman -- email lists
moderated and administrated by M.O. Barre.

== The questionable - vhosts that may need work ==

currently a simple stub-page for LADs.
?? -> redirect to http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/lad ??

outdated endeavor from 2008 by yours truly. The idea was to track
and mirror code repositories. Since superseded by github et al.
?? -> should be removed !

302 -> http://linux-audio.com/
Linux Audio Users Guide - some useful information (read-only curated
by P.Shirkey)
IMHO the content of this site should be merged into
to allow to being updated by the LAU community.

The content was deleted from LAO on April/22/2012 after it
was migrated to linux-audio.com by its maintainer.
We do have a backup in case s.o want to keep it alive at LAO

?? keep redirect | use wiki ??

301 -> http://quicktoots.linux-audio.com/
Tutorials - mostly pre 2004
the up-to-date stuff should probably go to flossmanual.net

the content was deleted from LAO on April/22/2012 after it
was migrated to linux-audio.com by its maintainer.
We do have a backup in case s.o want to keep it alive at la.org
?? -> should be removed ??

pretty much dysfunct site of Linux VST Compatibility
not sure what to do with it. - previously maintained by Tim Orford

low-latency info for linux-2.2 and linux-2.4
some general good info but pretty much outdated.
it's a single page in that v-host. Should become a wiki-page
?? 301 -> http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/lowlatency ??

an initiative started by P. Shirkey in 2009 - seems dead
?? not sure ??

an initiative by P. Shirkey(?) in 2011 - never got started
?? not sure - delete it ?!

== Misc/other good v-hosts ==

things where I keep tempoprary stuff and do site development things
the docroot 307 redirects to my website

excellent LA software - more bang per byte.

server statistics
?? should those be password protected ??
some of the AWstats may be used to track users (e.g. top 10 host list)

Thoughts? Comments?
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