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Date: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 8:42 pm

anybody wrote:

Hi Andreas, sorry for the late reply. I've forgot to answer the email in
the heat of LAC organization..

> Could you perhaps please open up your "PLANET" Concept to "musicsplanet"?

Of course. All Music is Audio; but not all Audio is Music :)
I've updated the description on

> FL(libre)OSS is much more than just Linux(imho)...

Indeed. we've been discussing this over and over again the last years.
On that note: many Linux-Audio apps also run on OSX or BSD these days..

However, "Linux" is a well-known established name, that many
non-technical people know and associate with the spirit of "FLOSS".

Other reason for sticking to the current name (LinuxAudio) are
old-timers (Linux rulez) and nitpickers (the last "S" in FLOSS stands
for Software, or we should become GNU/Linux-audio). We've actually
already registered a few new DNS entries including "libre.." but reached
the conses that will stay for a few more

On that note, there will be a round-table at the upcoming Linux Audio
Conference, discussing these issues. If you're not able to attend the
conference, feel free to join in with the A/V streams and contribute by IRC.

> It would have a more broader base of blog writers

We're not really targeting bloggers; the core of is and
will be the mailing-lists. The motivation for that is that the quality
of content and discussions is much higher there than that of the usual
blogs & comments or forums.

> at first and then there is a "PLANET"

You're not far off. I'm in the admin but actually this is responsibility
of the Linux-Audio consortium (CC).

> Yours sincerely, Andreas Posur

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