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Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 12:14 am

A quick update on LAC2009

The paper review has ended, and 24 papers have
been accepted - this will require some squeezing
to fit into a schedule. There are three major
workshops planned as well, LASH, Netjack and
CLAM, and possibly others.

The music for the concerts has been selected.
There will be two, on thursday 16 and saturday 18,
at the orchestra rehearsal room of the auditorium

The only part that remains hanging in the air is
the Linux Sound Night (planned friday 17) and that
is why people who have proposed to play there have
not had a definitive response up to now.

The problem is finding the right space. In the
center of Parma you need something that's soundproof
or you will get the 'vigili' at your door within a
few minutes. The originally planned place (which was
near perfect) turned out to be too expensive. The two
next ones we tried are already booked. There are still
some places outside the center, but this will require
organising transport as well, or a very long walk to
your bed.

Anyway the plan *is to have a LSN*. Expect more news
in a week or so.

Meanwhile we've started making the detailed program.
Several people are involved in more than one activity
(papers, workshops, concerts, rehearsals) and taking
all this into account creates a rather complex puzzle.

For now I'll assume that all paper presenters will be
in Parma from thursday 16 april,11:00 to sunday 19
april,13:00. Sunday afternoon we'll have the workshop
reports, the traditional panel discussion and of
course the group picture.

If you present a paper and can't make it in time or
have to leave before the end of this period please
let me know ASAP.

For the early arrivals, on wednesday evening we'll
have the pre-conference pizza, and sunday evening
the very unofficial conference dinner.

The registration site should be up in a few days.

Looking forward to see you all in Parma,


Laboratorio di Acustica ed Elettroacustica
Parma, Italia

O tu, che porte, correndo si ?
E guerra e morte !
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