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Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 - 5:44 pm

Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:

I'd explain it by the fact the the first attempt (referring eg.
ubuntustudio.org) was denied by our server. Users who actually got a
slot at download.linuxaudio.org kept trying (bookmark, reload).

>> How do you know something like that? Do browsers send a special header

not a special header for bookmarks, but yes, the browser sends a
"HTTP-referrer" the URL where you come from - similar to cookies. you
can disable sending them fi. with the firefox-webdeveloper "Disable
referrers" menu-option.

awstats (generating our statistics) interprets an empty referrer as
bookmarked URL or URL entered by hand..

> This is pulled from stats.linuxaudio.org so take it with a boulder of salt.

well, it's not THAT bad. - referrers from search-engines are more
interesting, than from end-users. and I'm not gonna comment on:
google-crawlers alone have been downloading 8.44 GB from linuxaudio.org
via HTTP in the last 10 days!!

There are many caveats interpreting HTTP-logs in general and AWstats in
particular eg. the hourly log: the downloads are logged when finished
(not when started - the average ubuntustudio-iso download takes ~12hours
with a 4hour std.deviation - so stats are pretty blurred). partial
downloads are counted as "not-viewed-traffic"; while the request that
eventually completes the download counts as "viewed-traffic" - this
obfuscates the "avg. size" transferred for each file...

The squid-cache that we use to generate "total" stats does not log
special HTTP-headers like the referring URL. so we don't have a total
count here.

Anyway, we still reject about 90% of all requests to the ubuntu-iso to
keep the remaining services up and running - there are avg. 60 simult.
downloads for ISOs sharing a 600kbit/s slot. - PLEASE USE TORRENTS!

I was really amazed at the stats! Given that we only have a 10Mbit/s
uplink. there's > 92.5% utilization in average! kudos to squid-cache.org


PS. the new linuxaudio.org servers will feature mrtg - for the book of
records: linuxaudio.org survived under a sys-load of 66 for about 40
minutes on May 13 2007.

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