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Date: Monday, April 17, 2006 - 7:11 am

I think that is a great idea! I am still waiting on Daniel (he owns the
rights to the domain name) to update DNS for the DJCJ stuff that is in the
process of being moved (something that I haven't announced yet officially).
Unfortunately, since Patrick and I agreed to move his page I was unable to
contact him--keep getting 550 even though I am 100% sure I am not relaying
(I am suspecting that he may be redirecting his e-mail to a non-relaying
ISP, although I may very well be doing something wrong).

If I am not mistaken, Hans appears not to be a member of the consortium
(please correct me if I am wrong), but considering his earnest efforts in
the area of Linux audio, I would like to extend him an invitation to join.
This would also make more sense if we are going to host the site. After
that, setting him up with an account should not be much of a problem. More
important thing will be ETA on Daniel's updating of the domain DNS. Daniel?

Finally, I would probably propose something like (rather
than the and then have it branch off into sub-folders
( or as there are a lot of other
valuable resources we should consider consolidating as well. This in some
way ties back to something I mentioned a while ago. Namely, the idea was to
generate a wiki that would provide docs for most (and hopefully eventually
all) Linux audio software in a way that provides all-in-one resource
including overview, how-to, documentation, feedback, troubleshooting, a
message board etc. It would foster visual uniformity and standardization.
This is especially important IMHO, as even if we consolidate all the sites
as they currently are, their visual disparity as well as lack of
cross-linking will make them only marginally more accessible by having them
hosted under the same domain. Nonetheless, the consolidation IMHO is an
important step forwards in the right direction ;-).

Best wishes,


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