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Date: Monday, December 25, 2006 - 1:25 am

A quick look at some of the successful forum/mailing list projects, for
instance Ubuntu, reveals that not only they have both, but also both methods
of communication are teeming with activity. There will always be those who
prefer forums, those who prefer mailing lists, and those who like/dislike
them the same. Hence, it seems to me that the real question is whether the
LAU/LAD community wishes to cater to as wide common user audience as
possible or do we simply want to expect everyone to adapt to our preferred
ways. Given the abysmal state of Linux audio documentation and overall
knowledge of audio platform on Linux in the user-land, I personally vote for
the former.

Ultimately, I am of the opinion that whatever we can do in a way that
actually is well maintained, will help end-users "dig" what we do. Hence,
IMHO it would be nice to see both available even if they are not necessarily
cross-linked so that posts appear in both places (although their
interconnectedness would be certainly a nice addition). For this reason,
consider this yet another offer/call to the LAU/LAD community for the
design/deployment of the forum.linuxaudio.org, volunteers wanted. If
interested please e-mail me.

FWIW, as far as the "speed" of forums is concerned, it largely depends on
what you use in combination on what kind of hardware you run. I've seen some
that are quite fast despite the often dubious eye-candy.

Best wishes,


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