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Date: Monday, December 11, 2006 - 3:13 am

Adoption of linux-sound.org into linuxaudio.org is a continuing standing
offer, but obviously this is something that the community needs to embrace,
rather than having a hostile takeover which will leave a sour aftertaste in
everyone's mouths.

Provided that the community is fine with this, the proposed course of action
would be as follows:

1)generate apps.linuxaudio.org subdomain and port over a summary list of the
applications (similar to Dave's format)
2) plug every listed app to the docs.linuxaudio.org wiki where we would
build largest and most comprehensive documentation database

Alternately, we could simply do everything inside docs.linuxaudio.org, but I
feel that the usefulness of Dave's pages would be somewhat lost unless the
docs would also have a nice categorized listing of available apps.

Best wishes,


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