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Date: Thursday, November 9, 2006 - 5:56 am

Hi Leonard,

To answer your questions, here is a bit of a background on the whole project:

"Tux Power" was Daniel's baby, so after the "Made in Linux" concept was merged
with the consortium's mission, it was simply retitled as in "Made in Linux
Vol.1 -- Tux Power." Hence the compromise title.

The CD (and future series) should be simply a collection of art made in Linux,
it should not be a religious and/or zealot statement, but simply a collection
of top art made using libre platform/software that should be judged primarily
on its artistic merit (and yet at the same time supporting the LAO mission in a
preferably subliminal way, namely through the title and/or common way of
generating art). Based on the aforesaid precedent it is apparent that every
volume will have its own subtitle. As far as what Tux Power means to
you/me/consortium, that is exactly what we are trying to figure out here... So
for time being, I think we should encourage total and unhindered creative
freedom so that we can see what this all means to each of you and then pick
something that most of us consider to be the most
accurate/interesting/artistically pleasing design. All that being said, there
is a bit of a dilemma regarding the "Tux Power" subtitle as it does bear
somewhat of a "revolutionary" tone which (now that I reflect upon it) may not
be the best way of marketing consortium and/or LA scene as IMHO it may end-up
reinforcing somewhat awkward stereotype that we are all nerds and geeks, thus
trivializing the relevance of our mission from corporate, artistic, and/or
consumer perspectives. Perhaps we should reevaluate the title and/or subtitle?

Considering that it would be best for the branding purposes if we recycled
portions of the design (i.e. background and title) for future volumes, we
really need something that will persist and won't get old quickly. A flat color
for a background (which is one of the most prominent surfaces that will be
permeated through future versions) is certainly not very interesting.

Hope this helps!


Quoting Leonard Ritter :

> but what is your problem with this version? actually i prefer it over

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