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To: Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico@...>
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Date: Thursday, April 28, 2005 - 5:43 pm

Hi Ico,

> First off, I would like to extend my thanks to all the board members,

Technically I wasn't a member of the Management Board, as the director
can't really supervise him or herself. But no worries :-)

I have now updated the contacts page on the site to include your photo,
so I think an email to linux-audio-announce about the change of director
may be in order. I'm happy to maintain the website, but if you want an
FTP account on that server, just let me know.

> 4) Provide database-driven website that would eventually encompass an

I think that Dave has already indicated that he would like some help to
maintain, and I agree database-driven CMS is the way to
go. We should also try to co-ordinate with Fervent Software's site, which already has a CMS in place.

> 6) Instantiate a not-for-profit foundation

I agree this is a good long-term move, but there will be quite a bit of
paperwork to do...

> 7) Generate consortium's logo

I can make the existing logo available to anyone who wants it in a
scalable vector format - just ask.

> a) "Made in GNU/Linux"

I don't go out of my way to upset RMS, but I have to point out that many
embedded systems use little or no GNU Project code. Even in a desktop
system, the proportion in terms of lines of code can be quite small. I
also have to point out that as far as the general public goes, the Linux
'brand' has been very successful, but the GNU/Linux brand has been a

I have been bullied on this issue a number of times by people who style
themselves as advocates of 'freedom', including RMS, and that's made me
less sympathetic to the GNU Project's position on the name the software
should be given. I also think the view of history 'we had a complete GNU
operating system except for a kernel' is highly misleading, and attempts
to downplay the role in free software development played by people
working outside of the GNU Project. This is hypocrisy, given that the
GNU Project is always complaining about not getting enough credit.

> 8) Strengthen ties with other open-source foundations (i.e. FSF)

I agree this is an important step, but don't expect the personal support
of RMS unless you agree with everything he says :-)



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