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Date: Friday, March 18, 2005 - 10:10 pm

Fervent News - Friday 18th March 2005

Fervent Software's Linux-based music studio software is proving a hit
for music producers, composers and artists from all around the world.
"Studio to Go!" is a music studio on a CD that provides the ability to
compose, record and mix on any PC without having to install any

Fervent Software is proud to be a member of Schoolforge UK and
attended a recent meeting in the Midlands to talk about Linux, open
source and software strategy for schools in the UK. Other attendees
included Sun and HP as well as representatives from schools, the
Department for Skills and Education and BECTA (responsible for driving
technology usage in schools). Fervent will be attending a second
Schoolforge meeting in April 2005 to further drive the awareness of
open source solutions in schools.

Next month also sees Fervent Software appearing on the Linux Audio
stand at the upcoming Sounds Expo in Wembley, London on the 14th-16th
April 2005:


This is the second time the Fervent team have appeared at the Sounds
Expo, having helped to sponsor and run a very successful stand last
year. Again this year we'll be showing off the best of breed Linux
Audio applications and spreading awareness under the banner of

Fervent Software welcomes resellers from around the world to help
spread the word about Linux Audio and Studio to Go! If you'd like to
become a sales partner, please get in touch through the Fervent
website or by emailing us at:


Until next time, happy composing from all at Fervent Software!


About Studio to Go!

Fervent Software's "Studio to Go!" runs entirely from the CD and
requires no configuration, no specialist Linux knowledge and doesn't
affect any software already on the computer. Compositions can be
saved to a portable storage device such as a USB key or any other
internal or external hard drive.

"Studio to Go!" is a revolutionary product based on the famously
stable Linux[tm] operating system and consists of specially selected
open-source music software. You can plug in a MIDI capable keyboard
or guitar and view your performance as score - you can then edit this
on-screen, manipulate it and print it out. You can record, edit and
arrange audio performances, add effects, mix down, master and even
burn a CD all using the software provided on the CD - all without any

"Studio to Go!" makes it simple to record and arrange music and
provides unparalleled power, stability and compatibility at an amazing
price of £49.99 including world-wide shipping and 30 days product
support. The software provides everything the modern composer,
arranger, music student or mix engineer needs to get recording on the
go! It's as well suited for use in the studio as it is for working
composers, home-based musicians, schools and colleges (where
educational discounts apply).

You can find out more about the amazing "Studio to Go!" product at the
Fervent Software website:


Or email: info@ferventsoftware.com

Other links

For more details about SchoolForge UK see:


For more information about Linux Audio.org:


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