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Date: Thursday, January 27, 2005 - 4:21 pm


OSAudio residency

[Audio artist/producer/composer in residence at Access Space, April

Deadline for applications: 4th Feb 2005
Decision made and applicants informed mid Feb 2005.
Fee: £3500 sterling (approx 5000 Euros @ 6th Jan 2005)

Access Space, Sheffield's lowtech digital arts organisation, is
currently calling for applications for a month-long, audio residency.

Access Space is a free media lab in Sheffield's Cultural Industries
Quarter, offering open access to people with a range of knowledge and
experience of technology. We are looking for an artist to develop
their project using the recycled/reclaimed "redundant" technology and
open-source software available in Access Space.

The aims of the residency are:
1] To offer an artist/producer/composer the chance to develop ideas
using only open-source software (on the Linux operating system) in a
supportive environment.
2] To offer the users of Access Space an introduction to the creative
process of making new work.
3] To produce a finished piece of work (see below for further

The Residency:
The OSAudio residency will take place in April 2005 (exact times/dates
to be agreed). The successful applicant will get the opportunity to
work for one month (or 20-day equivalent) in Access Space's open
environment, with a degree of technical support and advice available
from Access Space staff. As part of the residency, the artist will
run 2 workshop sessions relating to the work involved in their
residency, and an informal presentation for Access Space participants
and members of the public. The resident will also document their
residency in the form of an online diary.

Available software includes the Planet CCRMA software, with PD,
Rosegarden, Ardour, Jack, Audacity, Supercollider Server etc etc.
Applicants should consider that part of Access Space's ethos is to
only use recycled/donated hardware. Therefore, the available hardware
is a P3 800Mhz machine with Sound Blaster sound card. The majority of
the work-time will be monitored using headphones, due to Access Space
being a publicly accessible project.

The Work:
We hope to encourage a broad range of applications covering all types
of audio production, be they electronica, sound art, or more
traditional recording practices using open-source software. Proposals
can be to produce one or more specific audio works, or for
development of patches, code or software. However, the resident
should aim to have a completed product within the duration of the
residency. The finished work will then be available for download from
the internet.

The Fee:
A fee of £3,500 will be offered to the successful applicant, subject
to the successful completion of the residency. A small contribution
towards travel and accommodation expenses may be available where

How to submit your proposal:
Please email or post us a proposal, of not more than 2 sides of A4
plus your CV, including details of your experience of working with
open-source music software, your reason for applying, the starting
point/s for your project and how you would approach the commission.

Access Space welcomes applications from all sectors of the community
irrespective of age, disability, race, religion, gender or sexual

Please address the following points in your application:
1 - what form the finished work would take.
2 - how you propose to engage with the participants at Access Space.
3 - how much technical support would you need.
4 - how feasible is your project in the time available.
5 - what makes using open-source software particularly appropriate for
your project?

For more information, questions regarding hard/software, or to mail
your proposal:
Access Space
1a Sidney Street
S1 4RG

0114 2495522

Access Space is UK registered charity no: 1103837

Access Space gratefully acknowledges financial support from the PRS
Foundation, Arts Council England (Yorkshire), and Digital South

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