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Date: Friday, February 13, 2004 - 8:06 pm

Hope everyone made it home safely after the expo.

I'm absolutely shattered myself, butI suspect that has more to do with
getting pissed every night than anything else. Ah well.

I have a few photos, which I'll probably put up with a short report on
linuxmusician.com (or anywhere else anyone would like). I just have
to work up the energy to write the short report, that's all.

Daniel, many thanks for organising the stand -- and to AGNULA for
sponsoring it. (Damien, did you get your MIDI cable back? I'm
afraid I forgot about it, and I haven't got around to sorting through
the box of cables properly yet -- although I did notice I seem to
have gained an extra power strip -- whose was that?)

Also, my apologies to Bob for being such a doofus and not getting the
point with LADCCA/LASH. (In my defence, Bob, you really do need a
nice simple description of how it's actually intended to work from
the user's point of view, I mean in terms of starting and stopping
sessions, saving files etc.) Anyway I'll have to mull that one over
a bit and see what we can do about it -- I'll probably have more
questions for you but I haven't the brains to think about technical
stuff at the moment.

Now, back to the coffee pot.


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