Re: [Consortium] Where is the quality?

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Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 12:45 am

On Tuesday 27 Jan 2004 5:45 pm, Steve Harris wrote:

And writing a synth as a standalone ALSA sequencer client with JACK
output is very easy, it's just that there's no way for a sequencer to
automatically discover what synths are available and what their
inputs and outputs so as to make them act like they're truly hosted.
(Or is there? -- can LADCCA or whatever it's called now help there?)
Also you can't do sample-accurate delivery of synth input events that
way, if that bothers you. On the other hand you do get the ability
to wire your synth into any JACK application and to treat it exactly
like a hardware synth for any ALSA sequencer application, which is
not a bad tradeoff.

I'd love to see a some sort of modular synth things that can generate
independent ALSA sequencer client synths, a la SynthEdit for VST (I
think -- never actually used that) -- with an easy way of sticking a
pretty GUI on the front. And some sort of discovery mechanism
sequencers can use.


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