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Date: Saturday, January 24, 2004 - 4:56 pm

Marek Peteraj writes:

> What are you talking about? I contacted Daniel immidiatelly after i

AGNULA will gladly offer hosting space for any such mailing list.

If we reach a consensus on how to handle this thing, I could even
propose (as a consortium member) to host the mailing list under the domain. But obviously you don't want to mesh
your purity with such an evil organization (there are even companies
as members, no more!).

In any case, if you need hosting space for your domain, mailing list,
web site, whatever, feel free to drop me a line:

>> And don't whine if I

You could read everything even before, you just had to subscribe. The
reasons why the set-up was as it was have already been explained.

>> > The problem is that projects aren't organisations from a legal point

Speaking of Libre Software projects in general, that's not true (that
they are not organizations from the legal point of view - it depends).

>> > Combining them with companies doesn't make much sense. A foundation

What are the ways in which a consortium member could abuse another
consortium meber in any way that it can't already do?

In any case, see points 4-7 of the policy.

> Electing Fred as a member of that organization since he's a natural

And how would this solve the problems you are talking about? How
would this avoid the problems I talked about?

(For the record, I have no problem with Fred and/or Salem Radio being
members of the Consortium).

> "consortium of companies and libre software projects"

Let me understand.. if we had said "consortium of libre software
projects and companies" it would have been ok to you?

>> > Just an example - 2 job offerings were posted on LAD during this

Even though I've been thinking for some time to propose the other
Consortium's members to change domain name (just for the sake of not
losing time on stupid arguments like this) it's highly probable that I
would vote *against* selling it to you, given the way in which you are
presenting your ideas and your obvious prejudice against companies
(and, I should add, the basic fact that you accurately avoid answering
questions you don't know how to answer).

> We need *basic* services first, if we want to promote linux audio.

You know, people here have been doing it for some time, without
worrying too much about domain names. If you are willing to
contribute, I have plenty of things to do inside AGNULA (documentation
writing, graphical artwork, web mastering, news collecting and
newsletter writing) that are *all* libre and could use some help.

> Establishing a serious organization governed by law(ownership,

So do your homework and then come back later.



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