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Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 12:58 pm

Good news everyone! LV2 1.10.0 is out, along with enough parallel
releases that I'm entirely too busy[1] to make a proper release email
for each one.

LV2 1.10.0 download: http://lv2plug.in/spec/lv2-1.10.0.tar.bz2

Cutting edge developers who go to all the best parties should note that
the atom Object/Resource/Blank types have been merged and new code
should use only Object (this simplification is not conceptually a
compatibility breakage, but code explicitly using only Blank should be

Aside from this, there have been only minor improvements and additions
since 1.8.0. Freshly prettified documentation and a full change log is
available at http://lv2plug.in/ns/

Also check out the work-in-progress example-based LV2 book, "Programming
LV2 Plugins" at http://lv2plug.in/book/

Related release announcements:


The RDF stack has also seen some updates:



~ Your friendly local neighbourhood benevolent dictator who clearly
needs to automate the release process.

[1] i.e. lazy, but "busy" makes me sound important, doesn't it? There
could even be meetings involved.


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