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Date: Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 10:03 am

Laborejo 0.8 is released

We are still in Beta.
Streamlining, fixing and making things more robust is the main feature.
However, there are a few new features:
- Swing for Playback mode. In the Performance Signature.
- More preview and export options, especially for Lilypond
- Jack Transport start and stop sync. (Update calfbox as well!)
- "Did you know" help screen and splash dialog (optional)

There is a 0.85 release planned which will deal with making containers, selections and undo work together properly and implementing the last small features on my todo-list.

After 0.85 the plan is to work on speeding up the performance and writing documentation and translations. And the usual bugfixes of course.
This will transition smoothly into a stable 1.0 release

Since Laborejo now becomes more useful and usable with each release it became fair to accept donations.
There is now an extra donation page on the website. Please have a look. Your support would be much appreciated:

Latest Screenshot:

Download Page:


Nils Gey
Contact: http://laborejo.org/Support_and_Community
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