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From: Pawel <xj@...>
To: linux-audio-announce <linux-audio-announce@...>
Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - 8:33 am


I want to announce FSTHost 1.5.0 version. FSTHost is fst sucessor - app for M$ Win VST plugins.

- Support Wine-LPA
- Support for window resize
- Handling case when Jack changed our client_name
- Support for "self MIDI Program Change message handling" (-P option)
- Do not process MIDI data if ports are disconnected
- Editor window is centered
- Buffering SysEx input messages and process them in non-RT thread
- MIDI channel filter redirect messages to first channel
- MIDI Filters - really simple window for build own filter chain
- JackTransport improvements (tested with T-C-M VST and Hydrogen as master)
- Support for 64 bit VST plugs

Starting from now make will build two separate app:
- fsthost32 - for 32bit plugins
- fsthost64 - for 64bit plugins (OFC only on amd64 OS)
"make install" should create also symlink fsthost -> fsthost32

Many thanks Jordan/Ninez for support/bug reports/ideas/etc.
Also thanks Wine-Devel guys for help with 64bit version,
and all people who report bugs.

Best Regards
Pawel / Xj

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