[LAA] New 'Zam' suite of audio plugins released

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Date: Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 8:18 am

Hi folks,

I have been developing a suite of audio plugins using LV2 and LADSPA
open formats.

I am happy to announce that they are in working order and released on
Github at the address:


The suite so far consists of:

ZamAutoSat - Automatic saturation plugin
ZamComp - Mono Compressor plugin*
ZamCompX2 - Stereo Compressor plugin*
ZamCompExp - Stereo Compressor/Expander plugin
ZamEQ2 - 2x parametric EQ (with high/lowshelf and HP/LP) plugin
ZamValve - Valve distortion (WDF physical model* or tanh*) plugin

NB * In the same git repo under a different branch

The purpose of these plugins is to provide high quality DSP without
using an excessive amount of CPU, in an attempt to complement some of
the amazing work done on other free audio software projects by other
people. There is an exception: ZamValve has two different models one of
which uses very large proportion of CPU but has been commented that it
does sound much more realistic than the tanh model. The CPU hungry
version is in a separate git branch and is not selected by default but
can be compiled by switching to the zamvalve branch.

There currently is no documentation on how to use these plugins, but
anyone who is familiar with outboard gear should be able to work it out.
Plus the default settings and almost every slider is calibrated to
standard ranges.

Thanks to naptastic on #lad for the auto saturation algorithm.
Also, thanks to others in #lad for very useful input since I started
writing these plugins.

The rest of the algorithms were from DSP papers I have been reading from
my library subscription and I have mish-mashed a number of different
ones together to make these plugins function as expected.

Please send me feedback on my blog if you want to discuss these plugins:


I would like to know how to improve them and appreciate all comments.


Damien Zammit
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