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Date: Friday, January 11, 2013 - 9:19 am


After a certain amount of feedback and related improvement, I'm happy
to announce version 0.7 of Wiimidi, a gateway for turning a Wiimote,
possibly with an attached accessory/controller, into a source of MIDI

New features in this version include:

- syntax in the configuration file to send Control Change messages;
- handle button release as well as button press;
- full support for the guitar controller: frets, touch-frets, strum bar,
buttons, whammy bar;
- full support for the “classic controller”: buttons, sticks, and the
analog triggers (which are buttons on the “classic controller pro”);
- completed support for the nunchuck (directional stick).

The code has also been vastly refactored, which should allow for easy
support of additional controllers if someone feels like implementing a
wah-wah pedal or a theremin with their wii balance board for instance.

Also, the documentation is now much more complete :-)

For more information, the documentation and the pointers to the actual
code, see the Wimidi page at:


Roland Mas

Seems to me, the only sensible thing is for people to know if they kill a whale,
they've got a dead whale. -- Adam, in Good Omens (T. Pratchett and N. Gaiman)
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