[LAA] [ANN] Radium V0.67.1

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Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 8:41 am

Radium is an open source music editor with a novel interface.
It's inspired by trackers, but has fewer limitations and uses graphics
to show musical data.


New screenshot:

Most important changes 0.65.7 -> 0.67.1:
* Ported GUI to Qt4
* Ported Editor to GTK2.
(Did this because of bad performance with QT4 2D graphics.
The editor now runs as an embedded widget in QT4.)
* More colorful default colors
* Various build fixes
* Compiles under MinGW.
(Tested in wine and Windows7, but it doesn't work very well yet.)
* RELEASE buildtype.
* Fix nodeline selection
* Antialiased lines
* Adjusted tempo colors
* Fix race condition for midi input
* Midi input editing.
* Removed the custom resize window box.
* midi: increased latency from 1.95ms to 5ms. (This should probably be
* Various bug fixes and improvements

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