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To: <linux-audio-announce@...>
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 8:43 am

Lilv 0.14.0 is out. Lilv is a library to make the use of LV2 plugins as
simple as possible for applications.

This release includes many improvements, most notably built-in support
for saving/restoring plugin state (including powerful non-destructive
saving of plugin state which contains files), many bug and portability
fixes, and support for new LV2 concepts.


* Add lilv_plugin_get_extension_data
* Use path variables in pkgconfig files
* Install man page to DATADIR (e.g. PREFIX/share/man, not PREFIX/man)
* Make Lilv::uri_to_path static inline (fix linking errors)
* Use correct URI for dcterms:replaces (for hiding old plugins):
* Fix compilation on BSD
* Only load dynmanifest libraries once per bundle, not once per plugin
* Fix lilv_world_find_nodes to work with wildcard subjects
* Add lilv_plugin_get_related to get resources related to plugins that
are not directly rdfs:seeAlso linked (e.g. presets)
* Add lilv_world_load_resource for related resources (e.g. presets)
* Print presets in lv2info
* Remove locale smashing kludges and use new serd functions for
converting nodes to/from numbers.
* Add LilvState API for handling plugin state. This makes it simple to
save and restore plugin state both in memory and on disk, as well as
save presets in a host-sharable way since the disk format is
identical to the LV2 presets format.
* Update old references to lv2_list (now lv2ls)
* Support compilation as C++ under MSVC++.
* Remove use of wordexp.
* Add lilv_plugin_get_port_by_designation() and lilv_port_get_index()
as an improved generic alternative to
* Add lilv_plugin_get_project() and get author information from
project if it is not given directly on the plugin.



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