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Date: Saturday, December 29, 2012 - 10:31 am

We are proud to announce the release of guitarix2-0.25.0

Guitarix is a mono tube amplifier simulation for jack, with additional
mono/stereo effect racks witch can be filled with some in-build effects
as well as with external LADSPA plugins.
Download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/guitarix/

This release introduce the first LV2 plugs created from the guitarix
amps. Well, they will perfectly fit into hotel sierra

* GxAmplifier tube 12ax7 tonestack sovtek cabinet 4x12
* GxAmplifier-II tube 12AT7 tonestack soldano cabinet AC30
* GxAmplifier-III tube 6C16 tonestack bassman cabinet 1x15
* GxAmplifier-IV tube 6V6 tonestack soldano cabinet mesa
* GxAmplifier-V tube 6DJ8 tonestack ampeg cabinet HighGain

there are mono and stereo versions of those amps included in the bundle.

Thanks goes to Richard Dalton from http://www.Ampskindesigns.com
for given me permission to use (and distribute) his work within a GNU
GPL project,

many thanks Richard.

thanks goes as well to David Robillard for his great work on the LV2
specs and to Rui Nuno Capela for implement them so excellent in qtractor.

Please check it out and give feedback if you
find a problem.

Please refer to our project page for more information:


download site:

have fun

guitarix development team

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