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From: rev8 <xj@...>
To: linux-audio-announce <linux-audio-announce@...>
Date: Friday, December 21, 2012 - 9:19 am

Ho, ho, ho marry christmas, actually in Poland it will be next week, but ...

Just right Santa Claus have gifts for you.

Please find release 1.4 of FSTHost. Changes since 1.3:

Reorganize GTK GUI - replace texts by icons/tooltips and change widgets layout

Recursively scan directories and add results to FSTHost XML DB (-d option). I must admit that some parts/ideas of this code was available in fst, but was not used.

FSTHost Menu utility (fsthost_menu) for choose plugin. It can use zenity or dialog for generate list of available plugins. Use VST_PATH or FSTHost XML DB as data source.

Use Glib event loop instead of DummyWindow/SetTimer solution .. and one thread less now ;-)

Fix case when DISPLAY variable is empty (NonGUI mode) - just becuase we now doesn't create any window ;-)

Faster Bypass/Resume, Program Change - side effect of merge MainThread and EventThread *(from GUI or SysEx - MIDI CC is still delayed)

Autoconnect to all MIDI Out physical ports (e.g. testing plugins)

Disable GUI by FSTHOST_NOGUI environment variable

JackSession - improve error handling (set JackSessionSaveError flag)

Checkbox for choose between embedded or popup editor.

Add application icon (this is temporary icon)

A lot of small fixes/optimizations/cleanups etc.
... and finally I decide that GTK code will stay here for some time (or "from here to eternity" :-). After all this herculean trials it seems to works quite well. In SVN repo one can find NonGTK (W32API) version - but it have less options (only Editor show/hide, and program change).

Best Regards
Pawel / Xj

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