[LAA] [ANN] guitarix release guitarix2-0.21.0

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Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 10:21 am

guitarix/gx_head, a guitar mono tube amplifier simulation for jack,

a new release (0.21.0) is available.

please refer to our project page for more information:


for more help please visit our Wiki page witch is improved by Gaius Baltar,
(thanks for your work on that, Gaius)


new features in short:

* new (4 mode)racktuner replaced old gxtuner
* new LADSPA wrapper for the complete engine
* new online help points to the guitarix Wiki
* new hide extended settings button for each module
* replace waf with wafadmin to respect the DFSG
* various changes in the source

download site:

please report bugs and suggestions in our forum:

there you could found also a couple of examples produced by guitarix users:

have fun


For extra Impulse Responses, guitarix uses the
zita-convolver library, and,
for resampling we use zita-resampler,
both written by Fons Adriaensen.


We use the marvellous faust compiler to build the amp and effects and will say
thanks to

: Julius Smith

: Albert Graef

: Yann Orlary

guitarix development team

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