[LAA] jMax Phoenix 0.7 beta released

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Date: Friday, July 29, 2011 - 8:59 am

I just upload to the sourceforge site
(http://jmax-phoenix.sourceforge.net/) the binaries for jMax Phoenix 0.7.

This release include the recent work on restructuring the DSP engine,
and provide the results of some optimization work; the performance
increase is (on my core i7 sandy bridge) of around 3 times for Mac OS X
and 2 times under Linux, for patches that has a typical mix of simple
and complex DSP objects; simple DSP objects run around 4 time faster
than before. (also, if you used the 0.6.2 distribution, performance
increase is more in the 10x range, because it was compiled using the
wrong flags).

Most of the performance increase come, on Mac OS X, for using the clang
vector extensions, and for Linux, from using the latest compiler with
the right flags.

The Linux distribution include the usability fix included in the last
Mac OS distribution.

A couple of incompatible changes: the ISPW like switch~ object has been
dropped, because its semantic prevented any changes in the DSP engine
(the ISPW switch~ was different than the pd switch~). New forms of
conditional execution may be provided later.

On Mac OS X, the personal preference file moved to the
~/Library/Preferences/org.jmax-phoenix.jMax/jmax.xml file, and the
caches to ~/Library/Caches/org.jmax-phoenix.jMax directory.

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