[LAA] xjadeo 0.6.1 released

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Date: Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 8:12 am

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xjadeo is a video player that synchronizes to an external time-source.


After half a year of being stuck at release-candidate-7 the 0.6.0 went
out quietly last week.

version 0.6.1 - released today - fixes a small bug (russian and greek
translations were not installed), adds JACK-Session Support to xjadeo
[1] and makes use of JACK's new(er) latency compensation API.

As a reminder: version 0.6.0 introduced support for win32, features a
complete manual rewrite/overhaul, includes long overdue QT3->QT4 port of
the GUI, adds support for parsing LTC timecode from audio, switches to
more user-friendly default settings and support for newer versions of
ffmpeg/libav* amongst many other small details (see the changelog).

Thanks to Alessio Treglia (debian packaging, bug reports), Alexandre
Prokoudine (testing, bug reports, Russian translation), Geoff Beasley
(testing and Manual contributions), Michales Michaloudes (Greek
translation) and Natanael Olaiz (bug squashing).

- -=-

[1] More on JACK-Session support:
The [win32 and OSX] binaries available from sf.net do _not_ include
JACK-Session support, yet. On GNU/Linux (or self-compiled binaries for
other OS) the complete state of xjadeo is saved for each session, but
the optional GUI (qjadeo) is not restored.

However, [re-]launching the GUI will [re-]attach it to an already
running xjadeo instance.

Known issue: If multiple instances of xjadeo are running, it is only
possible to re-attach to all of them by setting the xjadeo session-ID
using the XJREMOTE environment variable _before_ launching the qjadeo
remote-control GUI.
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