[LAA] [ANN] guitarix release guitarix2-0.15.0

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Date: Friday, June 10, 2011 - 12:45 pm

gx_head is a simple guitar mono tube amplifier simulation based
on the work we have done in the guitarix project.

We decide it's time to sync our Project Name and our Project we work on.
So we replace guitarix /gx_head by guitarix2,
This release is a full replacement for guitarix and/or gx_head in any sense.
You cant have install the old guitarix and/or gx_head parallel to this release.

please refer to our project page for more information:


new features in short:

* reworked GUI controllers
* reworked rc-style files
* replace clean tube modes by a clean <-> distortion controller
* new cab models and controls (level, bass, treble)
* new tonestack models
* make tonestacks and cabs a move-able module
* cleaner effect rack construction
* customizable effect rack order (horizontal, vertical)
* a bunch of what I have forget to mention here

have fun

guitarix is licensed under the GPL.

screen-shots and sound examples:

direct download:

download site:

please report bugs and suggestions in our forum:

For extra Impulse Responses, gx_head uses the
zita-convolver library, and,
for resampling we use zita-resampler,
both written by Fons Adriaensen.


We use the marvellous faust compiler to build the amp and effects and will say
thanks to

: Julius Smith

: Albert Graef

: Yann Orlary

For faust users :

All used Faust dsp files are included in /gx_head/src/faust,
the resulting .cc files are in /gx_head/src/faust-generated
The tools we use to convert (post-processing and plot)
the resulting faust cpp files to the needed include format,
stay in the /gx_head/tools directory.


guitarix development team

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