[LAA] Klactoveedsedstene v3.0 released

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To: <linux-audio-announce@...>
Date: Monday, February 21, 2011 - 11:48 am

v 3.0
a cross-platform graphical Audio frontend
to the popular MPlayer engine.

Hi all,

After a lot of work, I am pleased to announce a brand new release of
Klactoveedsedstene v3.0, which I dare say, has reached a very mature
state now.

It is a major release step this time, since a lot of new features and
enhancements have been added, including:

  • Color Schemes
  • Support for albums with multiple artists (collections)
  • Enhanced Metadata Editor
  • Complete Look&Feel brush-up
  • Show current Play List
  • Improved Album Art search algorithm
  • Album Art shown hovering over track
  • New improved User Guide
  • A vast number of bug fixes

Note, if you already have an older release installed, I suggest that
you rebuild your Media Library, simply by deleting all songs in the
GUI, and reimport them, after installation.
This will ensure a consistent database, and allow you to get the
benefit of the new collection support.

Visit www.klactoveedsedstene.com,
and try it out.

or download from here
Plain Frontend:
Bundled with MPlayer (Linux):
Bundled with MPlayer (Windows):

or run it right here as JAVA Web Start


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