[LAA] gxtuner-1.5 released

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Date: Friday, December 9, 2011 - 2:33 pm


I’m happy to announce a update release of gxtuner, a simple, small and
lightweight guitar/bass tuner for jack.
It's a break out of the guitarix tuner module,


* added reference pitch controller
* added threshold controller
* added command-line option (-i) to connect at start up

gxtuner comes with a analogue like, full arbitrary scaling interface (scale),
show the tune, the octave and the accumulated frequency in Hz,
and it comes with full jack-session support.

gxtuner use a equal-tempered scale based on A4 = 440 Hz (427Hz <-> 453Hz)

gxtuner is licensed under the GPL.

for more information please read the included README file.

get it here:


direct link


have fun

Guitarix developers

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