[LAA] QMidiArp-0.4.4 released

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Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - 12:25 am

One month after the last one, QMidiArp 0.4.4 comes as a bugfix release,
and the only new 'feature' is that the JACK MIDI backend can run
without JACK Transport too.

Everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this version available at


With many thanks to the reporters (and christmas wishes of course :) )


direct link:


qmidiarp-0.4.4 (2011-12-24)

New Features
  o JACK MIDI backend doesn't require Jack Transport anymore

  o Better usability of the sequencer loop marker
  o Improved LFO offset slider behavior
  o Quantization to the minimum stepwidth in Arp modules active when
    changes in Arp patterns occur

Fixed Bugs
  o Crash on startup in JACK MIDI mode on certain systems
  o When cloning modules, the current play direction wasn't copied
  o Unmatched MIDI event forwarding didn't work with Arp modules
  o Typo in english manpage
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